During the time of the Corona-virus pandemic we need to build our immunity systems and take personal accountability for our wellness and that of our families.

Wellness is about balance. A powerful to way assess the balance of our wellness is through our three Centers. The three Centers refer to the three Centers or sources of human intelligence. This model was originally conceived by Gurdjieff some hundred years ago, to whom I apologise for ship shaping it somewhat – but nonetheless it is now a model which seems to be useful to my own coachees.


  1. Typically, we think of intelligence as a mental or thinking One is intelligent because one can understand and solve problems. However, this source of intelligence is not the only way in which one can truly know something.

We pay attention to this Center in having sound knowledge of what we require to be healthy. We visit our doctor when necessary. We keep learning and developing our skills and knowledge. Choosing fun and creative movies helps us to say in touch with our playful natures. We extend our minds by remaining curious and learning about new and interesting topics. We avoid fake news and numbing out on too much social media. A simple practice of meditation, contemplation or relaxation also stills our anxious thoughts.


  1. The heart is also a source of intelligence. Through the heart we connect with our feelings and the emotions of others. We can understand what others feel and value through our feelings and values. The love and values we recognize in ourselves and in others leads to an understanding of our identity and that of others.

We check in with our feelings and name them. If we feel emotionally overwhelmed, we speak to a trusted friend, coach or therapist. We need to have caring people to whom we can speak to when we feel troubled. Others may also trigger us to feeling irritated as we all project our fears to each other. Doing for others and allowing others to do for us awakens the heart Center. We recognise that at this time it is normal to feel anxious – just noticing this and then practicing gratitude can often reduce anxiety. Just being kind to ourselves: allowing a nap, indulging in a little chocolate, a good book, a long nap, online chats, movies or games.


  1. The third source of intelligence is our body’s intelligence: our instinct. Instinct is the expression of the body’s energy and vitality, how we assert our will into the world around us.

Our bodies are also an amazing indicator of how we are doing in our overall wellness. We find exercise which we enjoy and commit to doing this regularly. Exercise is the best way of keeping healthy and dealing with stress. Even though we are limited in how we can exercise during lockdown, we find creative ways to play with our children, easy stretching or try online exercise classes. We are mindful of how we nourish our bodies and choose healthy food. We avoid excessive alcohol, harmful substances and excessive simple carbohydrates e.g. chocolates 😊