Chairing Hearings, Guiding Performance Discussions, Retrenchments And Separations

These are tricky processes which organisations have to deal with and Lee’s approach is to handle the communication in the most professional, legally compliant and empathetic way. This ensures that the organisation protects its reputation and that individuals are left psychologically intact. She will chair hearings as an independent and trusted chairperson. Consultations for operational reasons and off-board counselling and coaching are also further competencies which she can offer.

Lee has designed and offered training to managers in the Nuts and Bolts of IR. This one day program covers:

Performance Management as a foundation of management.

The three ladders of Industrial Relations – Operational, Misconduct and Incapacity/Incompetence.

The learning methodology is interactive and designed to cover the clients’ employee relations policies and procedures.

Case Studies are used to ensure action learning and fun.