Building Resilience In A Vuca World

Lee has developed a resilience program which supports teams and individuals to flourish even through times of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Chaos and Ambiguity.) The pillars of the program are wellness and self-care thorough mindfulness, healthy life choices, building a personal brand, stress management, emotional awareness and behavioral competencies.

Lee’s approach is as follows: Being fit and well is a personal choice. Yet, if we make poor choices in how we take care of ourselves it potentially creates much personal suffering, affects those closest to us and has an enormous effect on how effective we are at work. Illness leads to absenteeism which in turn places our colleagues under more pressure and this in turn impacts on our delivery to our customers and ultimately our business objectives. Even feeling slightly below par affects our creativity, moods and ability to make good decisions.

The resilience workshops and coaching programs she has designed and offered are based on the following principles:

It is the eternal striving for balance between work & the rest of your life.

This does not mean equal balance

It’s subjective – everyone has different values and life priorities

It varies over time

Meaningful daily achievement & fulfillment in each of YOUR world

YOUR life dimensions

YOUR three quadrants (social, group and intrapersonal)

YOUR body & being

The essential goal is for balance or integration