Lee has designed and implemented mentoring programs, selected and trained mentors, set up agreements and supervised mentoring programs as the mentor champion to ensure sustainability.

She will assist the client in creating a mentoring strategy, designing and implementing a mentoring program. Training for mentors is interactive and based on action learning principles – facilitated with content bytes, adults learning together by sharing wicked problems, considering options and implementing the best solutions.

This includes defining the mentorship process and the alignment to the organisation’s strategy and values. Topics such as the purpose and benefits of mentorship, qualities of a mentor, the mentorship contract and mentee and roles of a mentor and a mentee are covered.

Requirements for business success, levels of work, performance improvement and innovation, circles of influence and organisational rank are explored.

Mentoring meta- skills such as rules of engagement, interaction skills – listening and questioning, proving support and feedback and managing difficulties are included in the training.