Lee has honed a tried and tested process of effective conflict resolution. Not only does she focus on resolving the immediate conflictual situation, she uses the experience as an opportunity for the parties to learn behavioural skills to further support their personal development:

  • Recognising how emotions affect us when confronted with conflict
  • Improving communication skills
  • Understanding how power dynamics can influence people’s perceptions
  • Choosing more appropriate ways to communicate and thereby manage conflict
  • Creating awareness of how trust impacts ability to deal with conflict
  • Discerning ways of coaching others in dealing with conflict
  • Creating awareness of conflict as an energy force
  • Realising that people have choices in how conflict is processed
  • Recognition of how compromise can help to move to creative outcomes
  • Appreciation of how allowing the individual and others to know more about self leads to better communication
  • Uncovering and understanding a preferred way of dealing with conflict
  • Learning different practices that will allow the individual to be more skillful in dealing with conflict

Becoming aware of how  childhood experiences of conflict have influenced us in how we react to conflict as adults