Lee has much change experience in that she has assisted organisations’ leadership to formulate the “business case” for change and choose an appropriate change model which fits the organisation’s culture and the purpose and scope of the envisaged change.

Assisting in identifying risks and opportunities of any change that needs to happen and ensuring that risk management plans are in place. This would include pre-change diagnoses of culture, skills, stakeholder analysis, and implementation of awareness workshops to assist employees to manage their own reactions to the changes.

Ensuring that change management skills are acquired and developed by everyone who needs them. This can include coaching on the job; supporting change teams with resources such as structured communication; facilitation of team sessions where required; diagnosis and trouble-shooting where implementation is off-track; monitoring of climate before, during and after the change and feedback of recommendations where necessary; counselling services where individuals are not coping; mobilising of training for new skills required; reward and recognition proposals for achievements in the change process; proposals on how to integrate the change project into the performance management system.