Organisations should be concerned about the ROI on people development projects. This also applies to individual who pay for their own coaching. This is a reasonable expectation as they need to evaluate the benefits of time and money invested in coaches and organisation development consultants.

Lee provides a progress report is given to each participant which summarises the learning and development as tracked by the participants and the coach in their learning journals.

The sponsor is also given a monthly report on the progress of the individuals and team development as measured against the initial objectives. This report tracks objective process progress while honouring confidentiality.

It is recommended that the team coaching be morning workshops of 4 hours duration, designed to develop the team’s leadership strengths aligned to their strategic goals.

A personal valuation of the Personal Development Plan (PDP) measures the progress made on closing the competency gaps.

At the end of the program a further 360 assessment is recommended to further track individual progress in leadership development.

The team sets clear objectives for each leadership competency being explored and these will be assessed on an ongoing basis as the program unfolds.