Individual Enneagram personality profiles give insightful data to the team to further explore possibility for enhanced communication, conflict resolution, decision making and creativity. At the outset, Lee will ensure that the client is actively engaged in the design of the facilitation though a process of uncovering the organisational culture, blockages and desired behaviours which drive the ideal outcomes and success of teams.

Leadership coaching provides ‘content bites’ on each leadership competency, as identified by the team and agreed to by the sponsor on a monthly basis. A learning content ‘bite’ or theme will be created for each month, based on the needs of the team, the organisation’s strategic needs and mission critical issues at the time. Recognised generic leadership competencies are inspiring and motivating others, displaying high integrity and honesty, solving problems, drives for results, communicating effectively, collaborating and promoting teamwork. The competencies may act as thought stimulators, but it is important for the team to create their own competencies aligned to the values and strategic objectives of the business.