Lee’s philosophy and proven principles of talent management are built of the following steps:

  • Ensure that the organisation attracts and retains the best talent and skills available in the market.
  • Talent exists at all levels in the organisation – some talent is scarcer than others and requires unique organisational response to attract and retain scarce high-impact and high potential talent.
  • The ongoing development of people’s strengths is important. Opportunities are created for people to play on their strengths.
  • Commitment of staff through the provision of opportunities for them to develop their careers to meet their career aspirations.
  • Facilitating career exploration conversations.
  • Provide a pipeline of talent and skills to staff in the future through promotion from within.
  • Contribute to the transformation through attracting and retaining Black talent in accordance with the organisations’ Employment Equity goals.
  • Identify and ensure critical roles are staffed with talented staff.